Slogan: Because we are crazy, we are free 

About Us - FIDICO 

According to legend, there was once an ancient knight called “The Midnight Son” who had visited every city in the world. Dressed in all-black leather, he cruised around in his rugged and trusty tank that was covered in blue flame, leaving a trail of fire behind as he dashed ahead at midnight. He sought adventure and freedom as he lit the dark skies with blue light.

Before his final breath, he tore open the earth and permanently sealed his trusty tank in the deepest bowels that were connected to every city, waiting for the day that the Destiny Sons would pick up from where he had stopped. And so, it became a myth.

It was in 2014 that a young man one fateful day while sleeping had a dream where he bumped into the Midnight Sons and learned about the blue-flamed tank. Diving five years into the future, the young man had founded Fidico Alliance, and behind Fidico, a Blue Flame burns brightly. 

In 2021, all the Destiny Sons locked in deep slumber across the city emerge in slow trickles without further ado.....