Which is the Best 90km/h Off-Road Electric Scooter?



An electric scooter, also known as an e-scooter, is a stand-up scooter powered by an electric motor. These scooters are designed with a big rectangular deck in the center of the scooter body on which the rider stands up when riding the electric scooter. They usually have two hard wheels, one for the front and the other for the back, and between them is the rectangular deck. However, these electric scooters also come in three or four wheels as well. The handles of these scooters are also usually foldable, but some scooters have non-foldable handles too.

What are off-road electric scooters?

An off-road electric scooter is a scooter designed to use on uneven or rough paths like dirty or rocky parks and also slopes. They are heavier compared to the normal commuting e-scooters. Off-road electric scooters can be folded and fit in, but they are not as portable as the normal commuting e-scooters.

That is because the normal e-scooters are designed to be used on roads for fast transport. Therefore, they are lightweight and compact so that they can fit anywhere. Whereas off-road electric scooters are specially designed for rough off-road paths, and they travel faster, that’s why they are not as compact and lightweight as the standard commuting electric scooters.

The off-road electric scooters are an excellent investment if you like to explore and go on adventures to places where there might be rough roads or not at all. A good-quality off-road electric scooter will get you almost anywhere in the world. These scooters are very well built and sturdy; they can fully withstand the off-road rough and dirty terrains because they have high speed, long-range capacity, and powerful motors.

Features to look for in the best off-road electric scooter

Now the real question is; what features to look for when you are buying an off-road electric scooter? That depends on the purpose of your off-road e-scooter; what are you going to use it for?

Are you just buying it for leisure or Hunting or Racing, or you want to use it to get to the spots that you can’t get to with a car? There are countless possibilities for its usage. We will guide you with what features to look for in an off-road electric scooter.


 When buying specifically, look for the best scooter for off-road trips, as there are different tires. You can also buy an extra pair of the tire to change in future when needed. Also, look for scooters with tires that are less likely to get punctured.


How long can the scooter go without charging, or how long does the battery lasts before you need to recharge it? The bigger the battery capacity, the further the electric scooter can travel after being charged. So look for an electric scooter with a bigger battery capacity.


What is the top speed of your scooter is one of the first things that might pop up in your head. Top speed is not the most important thing you need to look for, though. Of course, speed is essential, but it’s more important to look at the battery capacity and motor. The scooter with a dual motor and bigger battery life will last you longer, and it is a better option.


Not just front, you need both the front and back brakes. You need an excellent brake in your off-road electric scooter, and the Hydraulic disc brakes are said to be the best. However, other brakes can also work great. It depends on the specification and performance of the electric scooter, and the brakes match accordingly to give you the best result.


Other features include the electric scooter being waterproof and dustproof so that you can ride it on rainy days and wet paths; most scooters are waterproof and dustproof. What is the maximum weight capacity of the scooter? The mentioned weight limit shout fit your criteria. Additionally, you should also see if the off-road scooter is foldable or not. If it is foldable, make sure it will fit your car’s storage size because these off-road scooters can be big.

FIDICO has been manufacturing high-quality and intelligent means of transportation since 2010. At FIDICO, the main focus is high speed, faster and powerful ride, which also looks extremely cool.

It’s the details and innovation that they focus on when manufacturing their products. Our suggestion of high quality and an aesthetically pleasing looking off-road electric scooter for you that meets all the criteria mentions above is;

FIDICO Black Knight BK11 60V 110KMS Max Speed 3000W Dual Motor Drifting Off Road Electric Scooter

The scooter has dual motor mode and dual driving mode. The e-scooter comes with the Inflatable Rubber Tire which can be used for both Off-Road or city rides. It has a Lithium Cell Battery.

The battery comes from three different companies, a Chinese company with 600-1000 Charge-Discharge cycles and the LG or Samsung batteries with 1000-2000 Charge-Discharge cycles. The Battery Capacity (60v) can be CN30AH, CN40AH, LG35AH, LG42AH, or LG48AH. And the ranger Per Fully Charged (KMS) is from 66KMS up to 106KMS, depending on the battery.

The max Speed (With Rider 70-80kg) is 90-100KM/H. The Max Load is 300 Kg and Max Incline is 40-45°. The Brakes are the Hydraulic oil and Disc Brake in the front and rear tire. The material the e0scooter is manufactured with is Aluminum alloy, Iron, and ABS.

Front and Rear Fork have the hydraulic 2000lbs spring shock absorption and CNC Aluminum fork handle. It is waterproof with the waterproof Grade of IP54. Two very bright headlights allow you to pass smoothly at night. The bright rear lights ensure your safety when you are driving in the dark. The Unfold Size is 146*70*130cm, and the Fold Size is 146*34*61cm. The e-scooter comes with a Square wave DC controller.

FIDICO ships their products worldwide, and their live-chat works 24/7. They have a record of excellent customer service. You can get a coupon on your first subscription of 5$ off on your first order. For further details, you can visit their website or contact them via email: info@fidicoknight.com