What to do if long range off road electric motorcycle runs out of power?

long range off road electric motorcycle
On modern long range off road electric motorcycle, they install sufficiently capacious batteries, which are enough for an hour or more active driving. Taking into account the constantly increasing speeds, this time is quite enough both for city trips and for riding for pleasure ... but what to do if the electric scooter is discharged, the battery shows almost zero, and you are still far from home?

Long range off road electric motorcycle in the city

Is it possible to ride a discharged electric scooter the old fashioned way?

The first thought that comes to mind: is it possible to continue to ride your scooter as on a regular scooter? And the answer here directly depends on the features of the particular model that you have chosen. Or rather from:

The weights of the scooter:

 Any long range off road electric motorcycle weighing more than 50 kilograms, you will not move by coasting from a place with all the desire. But the miniature carbon Jack Hot is easy;

Deck heights:

 Electric scooters often have a battery under the deck. Accordingly, the deck itself is rather high above the ground. And the higher the deck, the more difficult it will be to push - and even on quite elegant city scooters like Mijia you will not get the same comfort as on a non-motorized model;

Long range off road electric motorcycle Drive:

 Even on a chain drive, the roll will be noticeably less than on a regular scooter without an engine - and the motor-wheel completely slows down the scooter literally after a few meters.

In most cases, riding a long range off road electric motorcycle using the good old foot drive will be quite inconvenient. Some models allow you to overcome even significant distances in this way, but if the path does not go downhill all the time, you will inevitably get tired.

So it may be wiser to either fold the scooter and carry it in your hands, or (if the model is bulky) call a taxi. But in general…

Always take your charger with you

If the electric scooter is discharged, it can always be recharged from the nearest electrical outlet. Two hours (on average), and the battery is full again, and the gadget is ready for the next trip. You can use any mobile phone charging station, go to almost any cafe - the main thing is that you have an original charger with you.


IMPORTANT: Carry with you exactly the proprietary charger from the manufacturer of your scooter, no "universal devices". An original charger is the best guarantee that your scooter will not be damaged, whatever the quality of the power supply.

If the scooter is with recuperation: will it charge when coasting?

Hardly ever. The recuperation recharges the battery relatively well during braking, but when coasting, you will not be able to give the scooter sufficient acceleration so that the energy is sufficient for a significant battery charge. Of course, in an hour of coasting, you will gain energy to start from the battery, but this is probably the end of the matter.


Based on all of the above, we advise you to carefully plan your long range off road electric motorcycle route. Moreover, always have a charger with you and, of course, a good mood!

How to extend long range off road electric motorcycle battery life?

Nothing lasts forever under the moon - and, unfortunately, in the case of batteries, this "not forever" sometimes comes very, very quickly. Literally six months or a year of improper battery operation - that's all.

An electric scooter, which easily ran 30 kilometers or more without recharging, now barely crawls 15-20 kilometers. How to keep the battery capacity close to factory condition? Let's figure it out.

IMPORTANT : Immediately come to terms with the fact that over time the battery will still lose some of its capacity, this is a feature of its design. With proper use, the maximum battery charge will decrease from ~ 1% to 5% annually, and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, further we will only talk about how to avoid even faster "shrinkage" of the battery.

Avoid deep discharge

The first - and probably the most important - advice: never set the battery to zero. Almost all modern technology uses lithium-ion batteries, and they hate being empty. Have you chosen to charge the battery to the bottom? 

After the next charge, it will restore not 100, but 95-97% of the capacity. With repeated "incidents", the capacity will continue to fall further.

Maximum Charging capacity of long range off road electric motorcycle

The ideal value for recharging is 35-50% of the maximum capacity. But it is far from always and not with all the equipment that it turns out to put the battery on charging exactly at these marks: if in the case of a phone, as a rule, there will be no problems, and then a bicycle with 50% mileage is unlikely to please. 

In any case, try not to let the battery discharge below 10% - this will seriously prolong the life of the battery.

Are you choosing an agile two-wheeled transport for the city? We hasten to congratulate you: gasoline prices no longer concern you - mopeds are outdated back in 2013! Nowadays, everyone drives long range off road electric motorcycle.

What is an electric scooter?

In fact - the same moped, but:

  • Quiet;
  • long range off road electric motorcycle 2021

A kilometer of travel on an electric scooter costs one penny on average! It is also maintenance-free. And there are more than ten types of electric scooters - and we will now introduce you to the most basic ones.

Classic long range off road electric motorcycle

The classic electric scooter - aka " urban " - is just a moped with an electric motor. Two wheels, a seat, compact dimensions and high maneuverability are the main trump cards of such "kids". Ideal for shopping or getting to the metro quickly, they are not afraid of traffic jams.


They are similar to cross-country bikes: stylish, fast, rather massive and powerful. These are models for those who love fast design and good speed - riders in the world of electric scooters.