Top 5 Powerful bullets off road electric motorcycle 2021

bullets off road electric motorcycle
Do you like speed, drive and wind in your face? Then you need the fastest bullet off road electric motorcycle! And to make it easier to choose it, we have compiled the TOP-5 of the most powerful electric scooters in 2020. Let's go!

Black Knight Escooter: bullet off road electric motorcycle
Black Knight Escooter-based Minimotors has long lacked an all-wheel drive leader, and in 2019 the lineup finally received its model with 2wd. The newcomer accelerates to an honest 60-65 km / h. Furthermore, it covers a distance of 110-120 kilometers without recharging. In addition, it lifts 120 kilograms aboard and looks just awesome.
Wide wheels with powerful tread are perfectly combined with a massive deck. Similarly, it creates an overall impression of a brutal scooter with a claim to off-road.
In addition to the long-awaited all-wheel drive ( 1800W per wheel), the novelty received an independent air suspension Dual Air Spring Suspension. Moreover, it has compound Easy Wheel wheels, a recuperative electric brake - in general, full stuffing. Not to say that it was the most powerful bullet off road electric motorcycle. Moreover, it deserves its place in our TOP.
FIDICO Black Knight BK11P
All-wheel drive Titan is the choice of extreme sportsmen. The model does not stand out either with special power or outstanding speed: all-wheel drive 2x 1000W. Similarly, it accelerates up to 55 km / h, without recharging it masters 45-80 km.
In general, the scooter's characteristics are inferior to the same Speedway 5. Why is it higher in our top? It's all about waterproofing.
The FIDICO Black Knight BK11P is designed for truly harsh riding conditions. The scooter is absolutely not afraid of water. A sealed assembly does not allow liquid to seep to important elements, and a special coating prevents them from freezing.
The model easily withstands 15-degree frost, boasts super-reliable disc brakes and a capacious suspension. In general, if you need a powerful adult electric scooter for winter riding, this is it.
3rd place: Black Knight BK11 60V bullet off road electric motorcycle

This is one of the most interesting new products of the past year. This is not the fastest bullet off road electric motorcycle, not the most powerful, not the most beautiful and not the most sophisticated ... but, perhaps, it was he who became the most balanced option in the "middle weight".
At a cost of about depends on modification, the G-booster produces 55 km / h, lifts 120 kilograms on board, runs up to 45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXball-wheel drive.
With such a price tag, all of the above allows the new product from Fidico to firmly gain a foothold at the top of the price-quality rating - and in third place in our TOP.
P. S. And the scooter has got just an excellent suspension, which can easily cope with both bad roads and light off-road conditions.

2nd place: ULTRON T128 3200W - era of Ultron
If in Fidico the engineers focused on balance, then the Ultrons with their ULTRON T128 made the opposite bet: more and more! A range of 100 km, a top speed of 90 km / h, 11-inch wheels of 1600W each, wide tread. This is a typical scooter of the "king of the road" class.
The model looks simply awesome: the unusual industrial design goes well with the brutal character of the scooter - and, frankly, contrasts a little with the suspension. You don't expect comfort from such a tough guy, but he is paradox.
1st place: Dualtron Thunder 5400W - and thunder struck
In 2018, there were many cool releases, but with the palm tree in the TOP-5 of powerful bullet off road electric motorcycle in 2018, we did not even doubt: 5400W - what is there to talk about at all? This is a true electric beast: a scooter that can easily compete with motorcycles.

Dualtron did not skimp on the stuffing for the new flagship. This heavy guy accelerates to 85 km / h, carries up to 150 kilograms on board and runs up to 120 kilometers without recharging! In fact, this is no longer a city scooter, but naturally a long-distance one.
At the same time, he obeys the steering wheel incredibly. He reacts to the lightest turn. Moreover, it gives excellent feedback - a pleasure.
Why should you invest in bullet off road electric motorcycle?
Four-wheel drive and wide wheels "subtly" hint that the Thunder will completely overcome the difficulties of outdoor, and for road trips it is quite possible to turn off one of the wheels, increasing the power reserve.
The new product from fidico knight is sent for storage folded. The steering column is bent to the deck and firmly fixed in this position.
All in all, the Fidico Knight is a real hit, the most powerful electric scooter of the past season. It's heavy. He is big. He's brutal. He definitely deserves attention, and that says it all!
How far can you go on an electric scooter?
When choosing an electric scooter, many future riders ask themselves the question: how far can you go on it? There is no definite answer to this question. The fact is that manufacturers set different values, which depend on many factors. For example, bullet off road electric motorcycle can travel up to 60 kilometers in a city if the following conditions are met:
bullets off road electric motorcycle 2021

Human weight up to 70 kg;
The road is smooth, flat, without flaws;
Control style: smooth, not sharp, calm.
The mileage of an electric scooter can be calculated independently, based on knowledge of physics.

We will take several variables as a basis: S and T calculated.

S calculated - is calculated as the product of the capacity and the rated voltage of the battery, divided by the product of the motor power and the speed of the scooter.

T calculated - is the product of the capacity and voltage of the battery, divided by the product of the rated motor power and the number 60 (minutes).