Lightspeed Night vs. ONAN Tan1 Off Road Electric Scooter

 Lightspeed Night vs. ONAN Tan1 Electric Scooter

Off-road electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular among adventure lovers. They are electric-powered scooters and best for tough surfaces and terrains, like parks, dirt roads, and inclines, etc. You can take an electric scooter anywhere, like when going hunting or exploring nature. These scooters are also an ideal choice when you need to avoid heavy traffic jams to reach your office quickly. One of the biggest advantages of these scooters is that they are eco-friendly. They are battery-powered vehicles and you just need to recharge them before starting the adventure. In this article, we will do a quick comparison between the Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter and LightSpeed Night Scooter.

Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter vs. LightSpeed Night

These are the two top brands in the electric scooter manufacturing industry. Both brands are known for manufacturing top-of-the-line electric-powered scooters with great features. This quick comparison will help you know which electric scooter is a perfect choice for you according to your specific needs and preferences. So, let’s start the comparison by discussing the features and specifications of the two electric scooters.

Tan 1 off Road Electric Scooter

ONAN Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter is a dual motor electric scooter. It has a power range of 1000W – 1500W and 60V voltage. The lithium battery of this scooter provides an impressive backup. This electric scooter takes 4-7 hours for a full charge and runs 60-80Km per charge. Moreover, it has an impressive 90KM/hour maximum speed, which is better than several other electric scooters in the market. The maximum load capacity is 300KG and the braking system is ABS electronic brake + disc brake. Another impressive thing about this scooter is that it is a foldable unit.

Here are the top features of this electric scooter:

  • 5000W/60V Dual Motor 11 Inch
  • Front and Turn Signal Lights
  • Scooter Body Lights
  • 11 Inch Wheels with Rear and Front Spring Damping
  • Double Headlights

The Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter comes with the design patent. You can customize the color of the frame according to your choice. The latest easy folding technology of this scooter helps you easily fold the scooter after the adventure. This scooter also comes with a powerful driving force. You can move this scooter conveniently on sand without any hassles.

You can buy this electric scooter if you need a robust and high-speed electric bike with a two-wheel dual drive. There are two speed modes; normal and high. You can buy this ONTAN electric scooter model in colors, like black red and black blue. The design of this electric scooter is very impressive.

Lightspeed Knight Electric Scooter

This commuter electric scooter is a perfect choice for solo commuters or traveling with companions. The lithium-ion battery of this electric scooter is of premium quality which gives a long-lasting back up after a full charge. It is a powerful scooter and you can fold it effortlessly just like the Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter. Therefore, you can easily carry this electric scooter with your wherever you go. It comes with regular wheels, so you can easily source replacement wheels from the market whenever you need to replace the old tires.

Here are the most prominent features of the Lightspeed Knight Electric Scooter:

  • Fold & Stow or Collapse & Carry
  • Helps you Navigate Easily Up Hills or Inclines
  • Shock Absorbing Design for a Comfortable and Smooth Ride
  • Offer Complete Control with Max Stopping Power
  • Ultra Bright Fog Light
  • High-Quality Taillight

This electric bike has a rear braking system and the wheel type is regular. You can buy this scooter only in black color. It comes with a limited 12 months warranty. However, there are certain requirements of applicable limited warranty. You can read those requirements on the product warranty book or before you buy the scooter on their official site.

You can compare the features and specifications of these two electric scooters to know the best one as per your requirements. Both Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter and the Lightspeed Night Scooter are the top performers in the electric scooter market. But, it is you who needs to pick the most ideal option according to your personal preferences.

Common Questions about Electric Scooters

You would be familiar with almost all aspects and features of electric scooters if you are using these bikes for some time. However, there are certain questions that first-time buyers may have in their minds about these scooters. Here are the most common queries that people often inquire about.

1.  Can An Off-Road Electric Scooter Go Up Hills?

This is the most common question people ask about electric scooters. Most of the electric bikes, such as Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter can easily go uphill. However, many low-end electric scooters would not be able to go up the hills. Therefore, you should inquire about it before you buy an electric bike.

2. Are Electric Bikes Waterproof?

No! None of the electric scooters currently available on the market are completely waterproof. However, you can find some water-resistant models in the market, but they too are just a few. We may witness an electric scooter in the future that could have a truly waterproof or submersible design. But at the moment, there is no such electric scooter available. However, you should have no issues at all while driving your electric bike in rain. Top-quality electric scooters are properly sealed so you can use them in damp or rainy conditions without hurting them.

3. What Distance You Can Go on an Electric Scooter?

The distance you can travel on an electric scooter is subjected to the battery type and battery size of the scooter. If you need long battery life, you should search for an electric scooter that runs on a lithium battery. Some electric scooters also come with acid batteries, but they are normally low-quality models. Acid batteries require a longer charging time and they also deplete faster. On contrary, electric scooters equipped with lithium batteries charge faster and offer a better backup on a full charge. Therefore, we advise you to prefer lithium battery-powered electric scooters over acid batteries.

The selection of the electric scooter depends on a few important factors, such as the buyer’s budget and feature requirements. We have discussed the main features and specifications of both Lightspeed Night and Tan1 off Road Electric Scooter in this article. We hope that the details discussed in this article will help you choose the best scooter.