How to tune mountain off road electric motorcycle easily?

Wide Wheel electric scooter: more comfort!

 mountain off road electric motorcycle

Each category of mountain off road electric motorcycle has its own criteria for "further, higher and stronger!" Riders aim for more speed, SUVs chase power with a range, and for urban models, ride comfort comes to the fore.

 In 2019, electric scooters have long turned from an unusual toy into a full-fledged means of transportation (well, at least, into the last mile transport), which means that they should be convenient to use. It is the concept of maximum comfort that this year's novelty, the Wide Wheel electric scooter.

Meet mountain off road electric motorcycle Wide Wheel

Visually, the newcomer is very similar to the suddenly "fat" Jack Hot . Which, by the way, is more than good: after all, Jack Hot is one of the most successful models on the market. But, about everything in order, which means let's start with the mountain off road electric motorcycle characteristics:


  • Value
  • Engine power
  • 500 watts
  • Speed
  • 35 km / h
  • Power reserve
  • 20 or 40 km (depending on the version)
  • Wheel width
  • 100 mm

First thought: wow, 35 kilometers per hour! Second: oh, 16 kilograms!? This is very, very close to the upper limit of the "psychologically acceptable weight" that we are ready to see in the performance of an mountain off road electric motorcycle. Carrying this "baby" will not be very comfortable (although the folding mechanism is present and works without failures).


And what do we get in such heavy weight?


  • Maximum comfort
  • The main advantage of the Wide Wheel is its wide wheels (with love, your cap). They look very stylish and futuristic:
  • Electric scooter with wide wheels Wide Wheel


In practice, such a wide tire gives the scooter two key features at once, which determine the character of the model:

Plus: exchange rate stability of mountain off road electric motorcycle

 She's incredible. If there is a cruise-controlled electric scooter on the market today, it's the Wide Wheel. Sometimes you get the feeling that you cannot hold on to the steering wheel at all;

Negative: Moderate maneuverability; wide tires automatically mean not too impressive rolling and a large curve.

And it immediately becomes clear which particular class the newcomer is aiming for: this is an urban “cruiser” - solid, fast, but sharpened for driving on good asphalt and wide streets. Typical last mile mountain off road electric motorcycle for people who value speed and comfort. True, in the framework of solving this problem, a rather strange design solution was used in Wide Wheel.


It's about the thickness of the tires

Are they ... thin? This is oddly coupled with a focus on user friendliness. No questions asked, a powerful suspension with a long range solves the problem, but still: the solution looks at least unusual. Why put on a “cruiser” a structure that allows you to jump on the asphalt without any problems, but is unlikely to digest the same fine gravel? It is not entirely clear.

The rest of the Wide Wheel is an excellent mountain off road electric motorcycle in its genre. It's stylish and goes well with just about any rider look. It is durable and reliable: no backlash, no inherent problems, and no weak points. It's comfortable: good grips, an ergonomic soundboard - everything seems to be right.


 Confused only by the large weight and this is the only truly significant drawback of a beginner. It will cost, by the way, about 500 usd in a complete set with an "upper" battery (power reserve - 40 km).

Electric Scooter Wide Wheel

Wide Wheel electric scooter in comparison with ...

If we talk about the competitors of the heavyweight rookie, the first on the list will probably be Xiaomi Mijia . Yes, only 25 km / h, but 4 kilograms lighter and half the price. Yes, and in the management of ebike will most likely be more responsive.

It does not have such a steep suspension, but it has full-fledged pneumatic wheels, which in themselves filter the road profile well. In general, an excellent alternative, but seriously loses to the Wide Wheel in terms of range and power.

Which is the best mountain off road electric motorcycle?

Another competitor is the fidico knight. Lighter than fidico, faster than a beginner, but again we run into the power: Weid Wheel copes better with climbing a hill. But fidico is cheaper and can withstand up to 120 kilograms, not up to 100.

And finally, the third contender: another city scooter, the FIDICO Black Knight BK11P. Here the picture is exactly the same as in the case of ebike - according to the characteristics of the ES-2 and the brainchild of Xiaomi, they are very close, but the this looks sleeker and has better ergonomics.

All in all, the newcomer wins with an unusual approach to road comfort and a really powerful engine. If you want to try wide tires, the mountain off road electric motorcycle is a great choice!

Electric scooter tuning: what can you upgrade ... and why not?

Probably, every inhabitant of the post-era is used to the idea: any new technique requires thoughtful refinement to the mind with the help of a file, pliers and a strong word. 

And even if in the case of electric scooters this is absolutely wrong (in the vast majority of cases, everything works fine out of the box) - if you can pump something, we will pump it! But does an electric scooter need tuning at all?
mountain off road electric motorcycle 2021

Tuning types

There are two of them:

  1. Upgrade. Everything is cool anyway, but you want more, higher and faster! It can be functional and cosmetic, these are very different types of work;
  2. Refinement. Everything is not quite cool, but the model is interesting, and you can finish it.

Ultimately, any tuning of mountain off road electric motorcycle you carry out at your own peril and risk: remember that making significant changes to the design is always a loss of warranty and, possibly, problems with the scooter in the future. So, we strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist before picking up a file.