FIDICO 3000w Off-Road Dual Motor Electric Scooter Review


Dual motor electric scooters are the most common stuff in adults globally

In the international market, we have observed that there is a rapid rise in the use of 3000w off-road dual-motor electric scooters. Personal mobility in the community and market and off-road track is possible and made fun of by electric scooters. Amongst these, the FIDICO 3000W off-road electric scooter is most common. This electric scooter is different from that of the electric scooter for kids. It is because it carries a high weight capacity and powerful dual electric motor. The scooter also carries large and powerful batteries. The deck space of the scooter is also very large and spacious. In addition to this, the stem of the bike is considerably taller.

Furthermore, with FIDICO electric scooter is real-time fun when it comes to everyday routine. One can use it to fulfill daily commutes. It is equally suitable for traveling and exploration. Read more here

FIDICO 3000W Off-Road Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Here is the review of the FIDICO electric bike. The first that comes is the most prominent features of the FIDICO electric scooter. It includes:


The dual-motor technology of the FIDICO 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter is surprisingly great. It carries the 3000W electric motor that makes it easier for the bike to reach the maximum speed of 100KM/H. The scooter however also comes with an additional feature of single motor mode and dual motor model. Keeping in mind the sustainability factors the dual motor electric scooter offers ECO mode as well. However, on the ECO mode the maximum speed potential of the bike likely to remain as close as 25 KM/H.


The 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter offers an amazing option for two super bright LED headlights. With this power of the electric scooter, there is no sitting back. Large battery and power incite us to keep traveling even during the night. These two powerful light heads will let us smoothly pass through the night.


Bright rare light makes sure that you say safe during the night travel. Rare light keeps your presence prominent amongst the traffic or on the road for other passersby. In addition to this, there are some extra cool lights available. These lights are attached to the front pole and the deck. Eventually enhancing the overall atmosphere of the scooter and the rider as well.


Powerful Motor and Long-lasting Battery

The FIDICO 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter carries a powerful dual motor of 3000W, making it a beast product. The scooter carries a lithium cell Chinese batter. It stays active and functional at 600-1000 charge and discharge in its lifetime. However, there is another option as well. The brand also offers the option to install LG and Samsung batteries in the FIDICO scooter. By using this the average life cycle of the battery remains 1000-2000 charging and discharging cycles. The capacity of the battery is 60v. A large battery is compulsory to run 3000W dual motors. However, the travel distance in one charge that the scooter covers depends upon the battery capacity. With minimum capacity, it covers 66KMS to a maximum of 106KMS.

Speed Modes

The maximum speed mode of the 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter depends on the rider's weight. If the rider riding the FIDICO 3000W dual motor electric scooter weighs 70-80 kgs, it can reach a top speed of 90-100 KM/H. There are three-speed modes available on the bike. The lowest speed mode is the ECO mode that reaches the maximum range of 35-45 KM/H. The second mode allows the bike to reach the top speed of 70 KM/H. FIDICO scooter carries a max load capacity of 300 kgs.

High Level of Security

There are two types of brake systems available in the FIDICO electric scooter. The front and rare types equip with Hydraulic oil and disc brakes. This makes the braking system perform in an excellent manner. Also, it provides the rider with confidence about the safety and quick response of brakes.

Tires Material

The scooter carries two options when it comes to tire installation. However, both options carry inflatable rubber tires. However, it depends upon the requirement. There are options for both city and off-road tires as well. The size of the rim is 11 inches. The standard tire model that is common in this scooter is 90*65-6.5.

Charging Time

The charging time of the 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter depends upon the type of battery it uses. However, the time ranges from 13H to 24 H. The voltage required for the charger to charge is100-240V at 50Hz-60Hz. The charger is provided in a separate box.

FIDICO 3000w off-road dual motor electric scooter comes with an official warranty of 12 months


Multi-Functional LCD Display Unit

The scooter carries a multi-functional LCD unit. The unit makes it super convenient for the rider to observe the status such as speed and battery life. However, it is a must recommendation to peel off the cover for a better view and improved readability. The display of speed and battery life helps you know always.

How to secure your electric Scooter?

Securing the FIDICO electric scooter is much of a task. It is because the design and functionality of these scooters are way different from that of the electric scooters. The owners are users of this scooter are caught fairly with the logic of securing them. There are many options available for securing the electric scooter. It includes the standard D-locks. However, it depends upon the fair length and width of the handlebar. Eventually making it easier for the thieves to carry the bike along.

However, the wire or cable lock is another option. Locks are flexible alternatives for keeping the scooter safer. But these locks are prone to cutter cuts. With this, we only are left with an option for Master Lock Street Cuffs. The company claims that these locks look-alike cuff are not prone to cutting and virtually impossible to sever. The length of the Master Lock is 36 cm. It makes it easier for the rider to lock it against any pole or fence.

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