Electric Bike, What is It and How Does It Work?

The appearance of electric bicycles or hybrid bicycles is actually not much different from ordinary bicycles.

It is driven by a compact electric motor located on the frame or inside the rear or front wheel (motor-wheel). A rechargeable battery (battery, mostly lithium-ion) is located on the e-bike frame and serves as its power source.

Comfortable ride

Automatic gear shifting (variator). PassControl system. The weight of an e-bike is not much greater than the weight of a regular bike. The safety and efficient operation of electrical components is ensured by a special controller.

Start from a spot

The electric bike starts moving from a place, you just have to press the "throttle". You can also choose other riding modes that are overshadowed by the manufacturer: pedals, synchronous or combined.



Charges in 5-6 hours from a regular household power supply with a voltage of 220V. You can recharge at any place convenient for you.

Mileage from 40 km

A charged battery lasts up to 10 hours of operation of an electric bike or 40 km of run! Extends your ability to cover long distances up to 200 km per day.

Easy uphill climb

The hybrid bike will do all the hard work for you. Easy uphill movement up to 45 degrees! And on the descent, you can turn off the engine and continue driving on the pedals, saving battery power.

Speed 30-55 km / h

Average speed 35 km / h (on a regular bike 15 km / h). Some models accelerate to 55 km / h!


3 years battery warranty

Rechargeable battery, 1000 discharge-charge cycles or 3 years warranty. The battery is removable, you can change it if necessary, or remove it altogether and ride like a regular bike.

Suitable for everyone

There is no age limit. You can buy an electric bike in the online store for any purpose: city walk, out of town, daily shopping. No driver's license required. Cycling hybrids are very easy to maintain, you just need to charge the battery on time.

The e-bike has a relatively low weight, which allows you to continue pedaling when the battery is completely discharged.

Electric bike advantages

If you compare it with a regular bike, then when you buy an electric bike, you get an excellent assistant in getting around. All the hard work, such as uphill climbing and acceleration, he will take over!

Compared to gasoline mopeds and scooters, the electric bike is easy to maintain, quiet, environmentally friendly and much cheaper!

Due to its low weight, the electric bike can be stored in the apartment: in the corridor or on the balcony. 

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