Can I ride adult off road electric motorcycle in the rain?

adult off road electric motorcycle
Knowing the formulas, the rider will be able to calculate both parameters, taking as a basis the technical characteristics of the adult off road electric motorcycle.
Let's take the following data as an example:

Battery capacity - 6A / h;
Voltage - 36V;
Motor power - 250 W;
Driving speed - 15 km / h;

S = 36 * 6/250 * 15 = 13.96 km.

T = 36 * 6/60 * 250 = 50.4 minutes.

If we add recuperation (battery charge) and a favorable breeze to the calculations, then 13.96 km will turn into 17-20 km. The listed figures show the information that is calculated based on ideal conditions.
What parameters affect the indicators of adult off road electric motorcycle?

Weight of a person

It is known that the greater the weight of a person "driving", the faster the battery will be discharged. That is why it is not recommended for riders weighing more than 100 kg to buy a regular budget scooter. The rider will be able to travel too short a distance on it, and the trip will end in the breakdown of the adult off road electric motorcycle. 
This will happen due to the fact that while driving, a person will have to drive up the hill. If the lift is greater than 10 °, the controller will “fail”. For drivers with a large build, models with high power and battery are suitable. 
A small life hack:
If two people of different weights buy scooters, then they periodically need to change vehicles so that the load is evenly distributed. Thus, the batteries will run out at the same time.

Adult off road electric motorcycle driving style

If the new driver sets the maximum speed on the scooter, then switching to the "sport" mode, he will inadvertently reduce the riding time. Also, the estimated time will not coincide with the actual one. In practice, adult off road electric motorcycle walks (45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXb somewhere in the cafe.

Road surface
The ideal parameters calculated above can be compromised by the terrain. Small hills become a decent obstacle for electric scooters. Before going on a trip, you need to study the terrain.

Continuity of driving

If the driver drives the scooter without stopping for 15 minutes, then his walk will be long. Constant stopping increases the waste of energy, respectively; the duration of the ride is shortened.


The lower the ambient temperature, the faster the battery will discharge. But you need to understand that this condition works only when the street is -10 ° C and below. In summer, this factor does not affect the battery in any way.


All of the above factors will reduce the estimated driving time and driving time. However, the discrepancy can be compensated for with recuperation. This function gives up to 10% charge to the battery.

Can i ride adult off road electric motorcycle in the rain?
Adult off road electric motorcycle are gaining popularity, and this is not surprising: they are more convenient and functional than their mechanical brothers, both for city trips and off-road.
However, sooner or later, every rider of such a bike will face a question that will make one think: "Is it possible to ride an electric bike in the rain?" Some, fearing the failure of the electric drive, try to guess the weather and do not risk switching to buses.

But this is also not an option: the rain can start suddenly, catching the rider on the way. How to prepare your electric horse for unpredictable rainfall?
In an amicable way, after the rain, we should wash the bike and dry in any case, even if there was no rain - this will greatly increase the life and normal operation of the electric hybrid parts.
How to wash an e-bike after rain?
Mine only by hand, we are not lazy! No car washes - fragile equipment simply cannot withstand such a battle test! Make sure that the water does not directly hit the electrical parts with a jet, it is better to just gently wipe them with a soft cloth. Similarly, we remove the dirt from the bike itself with a wet sponge, and then wipe it dry.
The main thing is accuracy
Electric bicycles, even of “home” assembly, are quite fragile equipment; they require constant care and careful handling. Riding adult off road electric motorcycle in light rain and shallow puddles is quite acceptable, but it is better to wait out the downpour somewhere under a roof, or at least cover the hybrid with cellophane. 
If there is absolutely nothing at all at hand and the downpour caught in an open field, then we simply turn off the power and continue driving, as on a regular bicycle, and carefully wash and dry at home.
And also, such a moment: in the rain, the grip deteriorates greatly. Even if you have a fat bike. Riding in a downpour and in the rain in general, you need to be extremely careful - you can quite easily lose control of the situation and injure yourself and others. So, if you have already left in the rain, it is much better not to drive and not to forget about the rules of the road.
How to store the adult off road electric motorcycle battery correctly?
Modern lithium-ion batteries are good for everyone: light, capacious, reliable, and fast charging. Therefore, they are put on any adult off road electric motorcycle, from gyro scooters to electric bicycles. Therefore, true, there is a nuance - if stored or charged incorrectly, the battery instantly loses all its advantages.
adult off road electric motorcycle 2021
How to properly charge li-ion batteries comes in our other article, but now let's talk about storage. And the first thing to know ...
Never leave the battery completely discharged!
Keeping a li-ion battery in a deep discharge state is the worst thing that can happen to a battery. If the charge level falls below 10%, the device begins to rapidly "degrade": to lose capacity. A couple of months in this state and the battery can be thrown away.