Best Guide to Choose Large tire off road Electric Motorcycle Wheels

Large tire off road Electric Motorcycle
Modern large tire off road electric motorcycle designed for recreational riding or extreme stunts, for adults, teenagers and children, amaze the imagination with their diversity and versatility. The scooter is no longer just a child's toy.

 Today it is an irreplaceable, exciting and comfortable means of transportation, where the choice of wheels depends on goals, needs and wishes, and their diameter directly affects the speed of movement.

Scooter wheel diameter

These parameters affect mobility, stability, flotation and speed.

  • Models of small sizes with small plastic wheels, intended for children's riding, exclude the possibility of high speeds. The average speed of children's scooters reaches 16 - 18 km / h.
  • Adult large tire off road electric motorcyclewith a wheel radius of 100 - 125 mm do not differ much from children's models and do not accelerate more than 19 km / h. These options provide maneuverability, cross-country ability and stability. They are ideal for riding in parks and city streets.
  • The 200 mm wheels allow for high-speed movement and easily pick up speed up to 23 km / h.

Important: Spring damped models lose 3-5 km / h.

How to choose wheels for large tire off road electric motorcycle?

The difference in the diameter of the wheels of one scooter does not affect acceleration and speed, but is created for the convenience of pushing off.

Most folding scooters have polyurethane wheels. Such transport is easy to accelerate; its speed is noticeably faster.

Inflatable wheels soften the ride. This is especially true when driving on uneven road surfaces and fine gravel.

Scooters with small wheels are light and compact. They stop faster, but have a hard time maintaining high speeds. Large tire off road electric motorcycle bearings in such wheels wear out much faster.

Large wheels make the scooter heavier, while increasing its cross-country ability.

The diameter of the wheels of the sports models is approximately 100 mm, which guarantees a delicate and responsive handling. But such a scooter is convenient only for performing tricks and riding on special areas with perfect coverage.

Stiffness of the scooter wheels

This is another important factor affecting ride comfort and quality.

Soft wheels provide additional stability, adhere better to the asphalt surface, easily drive through sand and gravel, while driving, they do not emit unpleasant sounds, but do not give an opportunity to accelerate. At the same time, they provide enhanced shock absorption; rigid ones are durable and hold speed much better.

Rigid wheels are installed on stunt models and speed scooters.

The degree of stiffness of the scooter is marked with the letter "a" next to the numbers from 50 to 101, where 50a are soft wheels, 101a are the hardest.

How to choose a balance large tire off road electric motorcycle for a child?

Don't know what to do with your child on a walk? Do you dream to move faster in the park, but the little one is walking too slowly? Do you want to teach him how to quickly and quickly cope with a two-wheeled bike?

 You and your baby need a balance large tire off road electric motorcycle! The vehicle resembles a traditional and familiar bicycle, but there are no pedals on it.

Thanks to a wide range of scooters of various sizes, from a very early age, the baby today can feel the drive, enjoy the speed and channel his emotions in the right direction.

For a child from 1 to 2.5 years old, parents purchase wheelchairs, focusing on stability and safety.

How to choose a bike for 3 years child?

For 3 years, the tasks become more complicated, and the little one is transplanted to the balancer. The dimensions of the balance bike are larger; it can withstand a weight of up to 30 kilograms and is an indispensable assistant in mastering the skills of maintaining balance.


For 4 years and older, bicycle scooters are produced that develop good speed and can easily withstand 50 kilograms. Such ran bikes are also distinguished by the presence of additional functions.

In most cases, the seat height on the balance bike is manually adjusted, which significantly extends its shelf life.

How to choose a bike ride for your child? Basic nuances.

If you decide to buy large tire off road electric motorcycle, but do not know how to choose the right balance bike for your child, first you need to determine the important characteristics, basic parameters and dimensions.


Choosing a scooter starts with determining the ride height. How to choose a balance bike according to the child's height? It's simple. The length of the leg is measured from the feet to the groin and 2 - 3 centimeters are subtracted. 

This determines the optimum height for a comfortable ride. In cases where the dimensions are not chosen correctly, it is difficult for the child to push off and bend his legs. Therefore, you should pay special attention: the baby should sit firmly on the seat, stand with his full foot on the road, and bend his knees slightly.

 If all conditions are met, discomfort is excluded. Even minor inconveniences can turn a long-awaited trip into an unbearable punishment, deprive you of the pleasure of riding and for a long time discourage the desire to get on a run bike.

Weight of large tire off road electric motorcycle

The next important parameter when choosing a balance bike. The vehicle should never be heavy. Ease of carrying will not cause discomfort to a little rider during a walk, and in the event of a rollover will not cause bruises and serious injuries.

Choose your weight based on the following guidelines:

  • for 2 years: 2 - 3 kg;
  • for 3 years: 3 - 4 kg;
  • Similarly, for 4 years and older: from 4 to 9 kg, but the optimal weight is up to 6 kilograms.

Which balance bike should you pay attention to?

With the growing popularity and demand, more and more manufacturers of sports equipment and children's toys are starting to produce bicycle scooters.

Of course, the fidico knight, which specializes in the production of scooters, deserves special attention. As for balance bikes, this line is presented by the manufacturer in a wide variety of colors. The V-shaped steering wheel will be unusual for many. 

Nevertheless, the weight is optimal, the wheels do not require constant inflation, and the seat and steering wheel are easily adjustable in height as the child grows.

What are compact large tire off road electric motorcycle?

Small, light and compact large tire off road electric motorcycle are presented to small speed lovers by a Swiss company. The vehicle is equipped with a hand brake, which can be safely attributed to unnecessary additional functions. 

The presence of this part makes the structure heavier, but there is no special need for a hand brake. Since the child's handle will not always reach and will be able to fix the lever.
Large tire off road Electric Motorcycle 2021

Protective balls on the handlebars protect your hands from injury during a fall.


Micro runbikes are distinguished by their lightness, which will not cause any inconvenience on a walk for both children and their parents, if the kid gets tired of carrying his bike on his own.

American Striders are the most popular balance bikes today and are characterized by quality, lightness and style. There is a stand for the legs, and if you want and need, you can purchase the large tire off road electric motorcycle brake separately.