4 Major Advantages of Fat tire off Road Electric Motorcycle

fat tire off road electric motorcycle
Fat tire off road electric motorcycle
 is a wonderful means of transportation. Therefore,  it is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Electric scooters have been gradually tried by customers in our country. You've probably already seen these devices on the streets of the city. 

If you have interest in a new, modern, mobile mode of transport, if you are thinking about buying this device, this article will definitely come in handy. From it you will learn how to choose and how it works, how to use an electric scooter, how to ride and how to charge correctly.

Electric scooters, what are they like!?

Electric scooters have quickly gone from a toy for children to an almost full-fledged vehicle. The power of the motors grew. Electric motors with a performance of 90-100 watts can be considered children's.

 For teenagers, models with a power of 150-250 watts are suitable. The most powerful models for adults range from 350 watts to 1 kilowatt or more. Generally, they develop very impressive speeds and the electric scooter. In fact, turns into a compact, lightweight, foldable fat tire off road electric motorcycle.

Thus, there are three main categories of these devices 

  1. for adults,
  2. for adolescents
  3. and for children. 

More and more adult buyers are thinking about buying this vehicle. In urban environments, electric scooters have become a viable alternative to bicycles. Similarly, the engine of this device in the most popular and modern models is built into the wheel. 

There are also models with drives (chain and belt), but the convenience of the motor-wheel is that in the event of a breakdown it can be simply replaced.

The advantages of a fat tire off road electric motorcycle:

-1- Environmentally friendly urban transport for individual use;

-2- Affordable price;

-3- Compactness and mobility;

-4- Lightweight;

-5- Profitability.

There are a variety of fat tire off road electric motorcycle on the market - folding and solid. The convenience of folding options is obvious - you can easily drive from home to the subway or public transport stop, then fold the electric scooter and get on a carriage or bus.

 You won't even be asked to pay for your luggage. The most common models weigh 12-15 kilograms. A one-piece electric scooter usually weighs a little more, but its weight rarely exceeds 30-35 kilograms.

What is the function of e scooter battery?

The battery is the heart of the electric scooter and feeds it with energy. Often, scooters are equipped with 18650 lithium battery cells, but there are other versions as well. 

Charging rules are the same as with other devices that use lithium-ion batteries - do not disassemble, use only good ("native") chargers. Moreover, the battery is hermetically sealed. The cost and resource, the frequency of replacement can be calculated by analogy with laptop batteries or other devices with 18650.

 On average, such cells are designed for hundreds of charge-discharge cycles, so you will definitely be able to ride an electric scooter for several seasons without replacing the battery. 

Battery Charging Time in fat tire off road electric motorcycle

One complete battery charging in a modern fat tire off road electric motorcycle is enough for at least 30 kilometers. But when leaving for the office to work, to study, do not forget the charger with you - it is not big at all. Full recharging time is 2-8 hours depending on the model.

Above, we have already talked about the important, basic elements of an electric scooter - the engine and the battery. When choosing a device for yourself, remember - high engine power and battery capacity is very good, this means high speed and power reserve.


 But it also has a downside - the weight increases, even by a kilogram or by 2 - 3, but in daily trips around the city this may not play the most pleasant role.

Electric Scooter for short runs

 If you need a scooter for "short runs" from home to the nearest supermarket, to a cinema, to a metro station, a small size and weight (12-15 kilos) of an electric scooter with an engine power of 300-350 watts and a battery capacity of 6-8 amperes / hour will be quite enough. Such vehicles will travel 25-30 kilometers on a full charge in the city.

For city driving, you need to pay attention to the diameter of the fat tire off road electric motorcycle wheels. The most common wheels today are 8 and 10 inches. Again, the larger the wheel, the more weight, but higher ground clearance and better off-road capability.

 Practice shows that although 8-inch wheels are somewhat "harsh", they are quite enough for city trips, on asphalt, paving stones. 

 fat tire off road electric motorcycle 2021

Fat tire off road electric motorcycle are less risky

When driving, do not forget to be careful, even with large wheels go around all the pits and potholes. Already at a speed of 10-15 km / h, getting into a hole is dangerous - the electric scooter itself will not break, it is strong enough, it will simply throw you off of it.

 In general, 8-10 inch wheels are considered suitable for dirt roads, such wheels can be found on small scooters, but remember that when you ride standing, your center of gravity is high; you are in a very unstable position.

Pay Attention to the Brakes

Pay attention to the brakes when buying. Most good modern electric scooters have electronic brakes (with a button) equipped with a recuperation system. When braking with such a brake, the battery is charged. This is very economical, most users brake with a button, although there should be a rear brake (on the fender) too.

When buying, pay attention to additional equipment. The electric scooter must have a headlight and an on-board computer that shows the speed, mileage, battery charge. Another important detail for the convenience of using the electric scooter is the presence of a folding stand on the footboard so that the vehicle can be left in an upright position.

What to look for when buying an electric scooter?

Which one to choose: lightweight, powerful, foldable, with a seat. And to have a stylish design. These are the functions that fat tire off road electric motorcycle should have. We have compiled a small rating of the best devices that are most popular among the customers of our store.