Everything You Need to Know About Electric Motorcycles!

A huge plus of technical progress - cool and powerful motorcycle novelties. We already know a little about conventional gasoline motorcycles, so let's talk about their main competitor - the electric motorcycles.

A motorcycle with an electric motor - how is it?

An electric motorcycle is the fastest two-wheeled vehicle powered by electricity. In appearance and a number of technical parameters, we can say that they are cousins of gasoline bikes. They seem to be similar, but there are several fundamental differences:

The device of electric motorcycles is not as complicated as that of gasoline counterparts. There are only three main elements that drive a vehicle: an electric motor, a battery and a controller.

The battery is charged from a regular outlet in generally 4 to 8 hours. If you use several quick-detachable modules for charging, then you can increase the power reserve several times. There are three types of batteries: lead acid, lithium ion and lithium polymer. The first ones are the cheapest and most common, but they can be charged no more than 250 times and will have to be replaced in about a year. The other two types are more expensive options, but their resource and 1000 charge-discharge cycles are enough for 2-3 years of operation. They differ from each other only in structure and in some technical characteristics.

Technology makes the electric bike safer, more practical and more convenient. Electric motorcycles do not have the usual gearbox and clutch foot, and the excellent torque at the start allows you to work with a wide range of rpm.

Belt drive or wheel motor?

Electric motorcycles also differ in engine type and location:

  • The electric motor is mounted on the wheel, like in electric bicycles. There are no "rubbing" parts (belts, chains, stars) in its design. The engine, transmission and wheel are one unit, so this option is more practical and durable. The main disadvantage is that the entire unit will most likely have to be changed if the wheel bends or the casting bursts;
  • The electric motor is located in the same way as in a motorcycle, in the center. A sprocket and belt are installed on the rear wheel. With this arrangement, the weight distribution of the electric bike is more correct. Of the advantages - low weight, open access to the structure, cheap components, you can replace individual parts. The disadvantage is rapid wear: over time, the belt can break, and the valve can bend. Fortunately, replacing them will not hit your pocket hard, and even not a professional will be able to cope with the work.

 6 electrical benefits to inspire you to buy

The range of electric motorcycles is not yet as wide as that of conventional bikes. But more and more manufacturers are focusing on the development of this particular type of motorcycle. Its advantages are obvious:


  • No fuel costs. Gasoline prices are constantly rising, and motorcycles are consumed a lot. In this regard, electric bikes are much more economical - charging the battery will cost almost nothing.
  • No need to change oil and consumables. Repair and maintenance costs are minimal. If it is more important for you to spend time with a motorcycle, and not with tools in hand, then the electric motorcycles is your choice.
  • Long service life. The electric motor wears out much more slowly and does not need service for a long time. So you can safely skate the whole season without bothering and wasting time on repairs.
  • No harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The reproachful glances of conservationists will no longer be directed in your direction.
  • Silent driving. The engine does not burn gasoline, so the volume of the exhaust will not deafen others. The sound from the electric motor, of course, is present, but rather resembles the acceleration of a turbine in a car.
  • The possibility of tuning. If the base speed and power of the motor no longer excite the blood, then you can always improve the parameters of the electric bike. Tuning is possible not only for the engine, but also for the controller, fork, suspension, brakes and other parts.

How to choose an electric motorcycle?

Here, as is the case with conventional motorcycles, it all depends on the driver's preference. There are many options for electric motorcycles, differing in speed, design features, engine power, etc. 

For example, Bullet Off Road Electric Motorcycle have stylish designs from the future. Their max speed is most often 45-100km/h .Fully charged, maximum range 40-100KMS. Off-road conquest is a pleasure.

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