All you need to know about 3500w off road electric motorcycle Battery

3500w off road electric motorcycle Battery

You are finally planning to buy 3500w off road electric motorcycle. But that's not that easy at all. The selection is now very large. You can see more and more electric vehicles on the streets. Now you want your own easy transportation too.

Maybe you've never ridden a two-wheeler before, or you want to switch from a gasoline stinker to a more environmentally friendly electric scooter. You have probably already rented a rental scooter in the city and were absolutely thrilled by the uncomplicated way of getting around.

What should you pay attention to if you want to buy an electric scooter yourself?

Choose an electric scooter that suits you

That is one of the most important points. Of course, you want your new 3500w off road electric motorcycle to be easy to use. It is very important that your feet touch the ground when you sit on the escooter. Moreover, E-scooters are usually much lighter than gasoline-powered vehicles, but for safety you should be able to get to a safe position quickly and comfortably.

Where will I go?

The most important questions to ask first are:

  1. Where will I drive my eScooter?
  2. Where will i go
  3. How often and how far do I want to drive?

Perhaps you are planning to replace the car or public transport with the e-scooter and want to use it to commute to work every day. Or should the new e-vehicle only be intended for leisure time, to visit friends several times a week, or to go to sports training?

How often do I have to top up then?

The average 3500w off road electric motorcycle driver drives between 10 and 15 km per day.

That means the electric scooter only needs to be charged 2-3 times a week - you can only dream of that with smartphones

What does a 3500w off road electric motorcycle full charge cost?

A maximum of 10% energy loss is assumed due to heat loss in the charger

This results in a total energy consumption (1,740 Wh / 90%) = 1,933 Wh

With an average electricity price of € 0.30 per kWh, this corresponds to € 0.58 for a full charge.

What is more important? Ah or Wh?

For the e-scooter driver, only watt hours are actually relevant.

1 Wh means that the battery can deliver 1 watt of power for one hour. Similarly, with 25 to 30 Wh you can drive your escooter about 1 km

The watt hours are calculated from volts * Ah

Does the 3500w off road electric motorcycle battery always have to be run completely empty?

No! With lithium-ion batteries there is no memory effect as with nickel-cadmium batteries.

On the contrary, a deep discharge can permanently damage the lithium-ion battery. Therefore, if possible, do not run the 3500w off road electric motorcycle battery completely empty!

Even in winter and when not driving for a long time, the battery should be charged regularly and stored at a room temperature of around 15 degrees.

Frequent partial charging even increases the service life of the lithium-ion battery

Please always refer to the information in the user manual of your e-scooter.

What do lithium-ion batteries dislike at all?

The small 10 kg packs are not so dissimilar to us humans. Just as we don't like to be forgotten in the cold basement for months, a lithium-ion battery is often no longer forgiving if it is neglected in the basement for a long period of time in the cold.


The cold and the lack of power supply make things more difficult if the battery remained connected and the main switch was not turned off.

Standing in the basement, the central control unit (ECU) tries to establish a connection to the radio network. This radio effort costs about 3 to 5% battery power in one night. If you then continue to desperately try to establish a connection in spite of the empty battery level, a dangerous deep discharge occurs!

Even a deep discharge to below 2.4 V leads to irreversible damage and a loss of capacity. If the voltage of a cell falls below 1.5 V, it should no longer be used. It is very likely that copper bridges have formed, which can then lead to a short circuit.

In this case, we recommend that the battery be measured by a specialist; we can quickly see how badly the cells are damaged.

3500w off road electric motorcycle not only save on energy

  • No engine oil change
  • No cleaning of the oil strainer and oil pump
  • There is no topping up of coolant
  • No air filter replacement
  • No fuel filter replacement
  • Do not clean a carburetor
  • Do not change or clean spark plugs
  • No gear oil change
  • The engine braking system (EBS) significantly reduces wear on the brake pads and brake discs


Which accessories do i need?

Almost all 3500w off road electric motorcycle are now equipped with an app that provides information on the driving style, the location and an anti-theft tool.

Do you also need a top case in which my laptop and helmet can be stowed? How big should it be?

Generally, a mobile phone holder is very practical to navigate through unknown areas.

Can I park my 3500w off road electric motorcycle in my own garage during bad weather or longer breaks, or is a scooter garage necessary to cover it?

Which helmet will I wear, it should be safe, fit well and of course fit the scooter.

Do I want to secure my scooter with a lock in addition to the steering wheel lock?

3500w off road electric motorcycle Battery

Which design suits me?

Technical data such as range, battery power and weight are important, but design also has to be.

The new 3500w off road electric motorcycle should suit your personality and be fun every day when you drive off.

Furthermore, should the electric scooter be modern, retro, classic or sporty?

Try it out yourself and get advice

The best way to know which e-scooter suits me perfectly is to take a test drive.

We will be happy to advise you and have the right e-scooter with the right helmet ready for you to test drive.